Court Clerk:
Cathy Wright
101 University Street
Martin, TN 38237
(731) 587-5355 Ext 239

Municipal Judge:

Langdon Unger
Martin City Court
  Department of Public Safety
  City Ordinances

Coming Soon...

  Tennessee Code


City (Municipal) Court is located in the Police Department.

Martin City Court is a court of record, having original and exclusive jurisdiction of all violations of municipal ordinances. It has the same powers and duties possessed by a Justice of the Peace, regarding the arrest and preliminary trial, discharging, binding over, or punishing under the small offense law, of all persons charged with offenses against the State committed in the City of Martin. Appeal is to the Circuit Court of Weakley County.

The Municipal Judge, is appointed  by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, to preside over Municipal (City) Court.

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